Continuing the tale!


Sea glass birds on driftwood groynes
The Story
Handmade pieces crafted with the love of the coast and nature. Interior pieces revived & ready for a new chapter.

I bring my ideas for handmade interior pieces to life by tinkering with materials you find swept up along the beach. Most of which are combed from walks and seaside holidays with my family from various locations along our stunning British coastline.

Others are furniture and interior items that require a little TLC  to revive them and give a new lease of life other than destined for the crusher!

All these have a past, hold a story, of which we will never know and can only wonder! From what passing ship did the bottle fall? Where did the driftwoood get carried into the sea? The broken crockery, the smoking pipes, bits of boats … each piece, with it’s own story to tell providing the inspiration for The Story!

I create or restore, writing their next chapter so they can continue their tale!

Unique Pictures

Pictures created from beach finds including sea glass, driftwood, shell, slate, flotsam & jetsam.

Interior Pieces

Fun and quirky interior pieces created from driftwood, shells and colourful fabrics.


Furniture revived & ready for a new chapter. Restored or given a fresh new update.


Personalised gifts and commissions specially crafted for you and your story.

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The Story doesn’t start here, but we take much pleasure in creating or restoring pieces, writing their next chapter so they can continue their tale!

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